Severn Oaks Farm
The broodmares pictured below are the backbone of the Severn Section A breeding program. Many were bred at Severn Oaks as were many of their parents and grandparents.  There are photos of parents of some of these mares where I have or can find pictures but will only put a Sire or Dam in once or twice if more than one mare has the same pedigree. Information updated 3/7/17
ALLIANCE DESIGNER BOW LOM AOE  foaled 1993 (*Synod Dicky Bow LOM x Talomo Tiffany LOM by Wye Windjammer). A WPCSA high -point champion herself as a two year old, Bow has now had twelve lovely foals - ten of them fillies.  With 3 of her  fillies by West Wind (Buttons `n Bows, Silk `n Satin and Baubles `n Beads) Bow received her WPCSA Dam Legion of Merit in 2003 and dam AOE in 2014. Bow had a lovely filly in 2016 by Severn Bay Rum, and will be retired as a broodmare.

SEVERN SILK 'N SATIN  foaled 2000 (Severn West Wind LOM AOE x Alliance Designer Bow LOM AOE by *Synod Dicky Bow LOM). Silk was shown to WPCSA Reserve Champion Junior filly in 2002 and was one of her mother's legs for her Dam Legion of Merit. Silk has had 4 foals - 2 goodlooking colts by Lianna's Dapper Dan and two fillies by Severn Merrymaker and Gypsy Rose's Pride respectively. Her 2015 filly by Pride was WPCSA National Champion Junior filly in 2016,

SEVERN EASTER BONNET  foaled in 2001 (Severn West Wind LOM AOE x Oak Orchard Joy LOM AOE by Severn West Wind LOM AOE), is one of two of West Wind's last foals that I have since he died in February of that year (2001). Bonnet is also the only foal of Oak Orchard Joy who died in 2004 that I have. Bonnet has had 3 foals - all sold. Bonnet has been shown very successfully in halter, and she is her mother's 3rd leg for her Dam's LOM AOE).
SEVERN OLYMPIA LOM foaled 1993 (Severn West Wind x Hobby Horse T.T.s Gold Doll LOM by Carousel's Gold Dubloon) was WPCSA high point Junior filly as a foal in 1993. Since then she has been in the regional and national mare ratings several times. Olympia has had 8 foals most of whom have contributed to her dam LOM.  Olympia had a lovely filly Severn Bay Rum in 2016. Foal in the photo to left is Severn Aphrodite foaled in 2012.
SHALLOWCREEK JUBILEE  Julie, as we call her,  was foaled in 2001 (Severn Merrymaker x Oak Orchard Elation (Liseter Statesman x Oak Orchard Joy ). Julie was shown at halter in 2015 and was WPCSA National Champion Section A Mare. She has had several foals including the champion gelding, Severn Consort. Julie will be bred to Gypsy Rose's Pride for 2017.

SEVERN PERIWINKLE   foaled 1998 (*Twyford Cadog x Severn Pansi LOM by Severn West Wind LOM AOE. After selling Peri as a foal, I was able to repurchase her in 2003 since I had no daughters of her mother at the time.  Peri was a leg for her mother's dam LOM and has had some winning children of her own.  She was leased to Judy Hartman and had a pretty filly for her by Gypsy Rose's Pride in 2016. She is back at Severn Oaks and will be bred to Severn Bay Rum in 2017

SEVERN BAUBLES 'N BEADS LOM AOE foaled 2001 (Severn West Wind LOM AOE x Alliance Designer Bow LOM AOE by *Synod Dicky Bow LOM).  Bebe (as we call her) after a successful show career - both performance and halter, during which she had two very nice foals, is now retired to the broodmare herd, and hopefully will have more nice babies.
 West Wind 23 years old
 Bow and 2007 foal Denim 'n Fringe
Dam: Oak Orchard Joy LOM (1982-2005) Photo: Sue Shotwell
Dam: Severn Chanel 
Dam: Hobby Horse T.T.'s Gold Doll LOM     1980-2009
Sire: Severn Merrymaker LOM
Dam: Severn Pansi LOM
SEVERN BLUEBELL, grey mare foaled 2005 (Lianna's Dapper Dan x Severn Pansi LOM by Severn West Wind LOM AOE).  Bluebell was shown through her 2 yr. old year and was a leg for her Dam's LOM. She has had 2 lovely foals by Farnley Tiber, the second of which is Severn Bellhop, WPCSA National Reserve Champion colt in 2015.  Bluebell will be bred to Farnley Tiber in 2017
Sire: Lianna's Dapper Dan
Sire: *Twyford Cadog
SEVERN PALOMA  foaled 2001 (Severn West Wind LOM x Severn Chanel by *Bengad Rochea) was sold as a foal.  I have just had the opportunity to buy Paloma back and I am especially excited because her Dam has only had three foals in her lifetime and is not likely to have more.  I had no daughters. Paloma has had one foal for me and will be bred to Gypsy Rose's Pride for 2017.
SEVERN ATHENA, foaled 2009 (Severn Merrymaker LOM x Severn Olympia LOM) was a leg for her mother's dam LOM.  She joined the broodmare herd last year having a lovely filly by Farnley Tiber named Severn Minerva.  Minerva was WPCSA 3rd place High Score junior filly in 2016. Athena will be bred to Tiber again in 2017.
SEVERN CIARA, foaled 2007 (*Synod Dicky Bow LOM x Severn Powder Puff by *Rowfant Peanut.
Ciara has had one baby - 3 year old, Severn Bay Rum who himself has sired 2 lovely babies in 2016. Ciara is in foal to Gypsy Rose's Pride for 2017. 
 Ciara looks very much like her Dam, Severn Powder Puff.
(Photo by Peggy Marshall).

                  Sire: *Synod Dicky Bow
SEVERN SEA BREEZE, foaled 2005 (Lianna's Dapper Dan x Charmsley Simoon by Severn West Wind LOM) had a rough start in life. A red bag baby, she was saved only because Sue Ward happened to be at the farm that afternoon and was able to deliver her. Then, she was a failure to thrive baby (reason unknown) that we supplemented with foalac for about 3 weeks. She has been fine since and as a yearling won the Welsh division of the Maryland Pony Breeders Futurity in 2006. Sea Breeze has had one nice filly  foal by Farnley Tiber, and will be bred back to him in 2017

SRW SPREE'S SILVER SPLENDOR, grey filly foaled January, 2008 (Asgard Silver Dollar x Severn Festive Spree by Severn Merrymaker LOM).  This filly, bred by the MacLeays, was Festive Spree's first foal and the MacLeays kindly allowed me to purchase her. In 2015 Spree had a handsome colt by Farnley Tiber who is now living in Alabama. Spree has been sold and will go to her new home in Wisconsin after being bred to Gypsy Rose's Pride.
Dam: Severn Powder Puff
Sire: Liannas Dapper Dan.
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*Synod Dicky Bow
BRIGHT LEAF DRESDEN, bay mare foaled 2009 (Severn White Tie 'n Tails x Severn Tap Dancer by Lianna's Dapper Dan). This sweet little mare (11:0hh) had a lovely colt foal, Severn Kiev) in 2016 who was WPCSA 3rd place Junior colt in 2016. He has been sold.  Dresden will be bred back in 2017