​                                                            2019

Severn Oaks Farm

            All foals from 2018 back through 2009

SEVERN RAINBOW, bay filly foaled 3/24/2012 (Farnley Tiber x Alliance Decorator Bow by *Synod Dicky Bow LOM.  
SEVERN VICEROY, grey colt foaled 4/28/12 (Youngs Main Attraction x Shallowcreek Jubilee by Severn Merrymaker LOM). 
SEVERN APHRODITE, grey filly foaled 4/23/12 (Severn Merrymaker x Severn Olympia by Severn West Wind LOM). Photo at 12 hours.  
   2011 - Photos by Mike Burnett
SEVERN SUN SHADOW, Section A bay filly foaled 4/2/11(Farnley Tiber x Morwell Mariah by Severn West Wind LOM).
SEVERN SATIN DOLL, Section A chestnut filly foaled 4/7/11  (Severn Merrymaker LOM x Severn China Doll by *Twyford Cadog).

SEVERN STUDS 'N CUFFS, Section A bay colt foaled 4/26/11 (Severn Gambol LOM, LOM, AOH x Alliance Designer Bow LOM by *Synod Dicky Bow LOM).  
SEVERN SNOWMAN, Section A bay colt foaled 5/4/11 (Severn Merrymaker LOM x Lianna Snow Lucky by Blackwood Mountain Kauakash).  
SEVERN NYMPH, Half-Welsh chestnut filly foaled 4/22/11 (Farnley Tiber x Ariel (TB)).  Owned by Sue Ward
SEVERN LOVEAMIRACLE, Half-Welsh bay filly foaled 5/4/11 (Farnley Tiber x Morethanamiracle (Arabian)).  
SEVERN MELUSINA, 3/4 Welsh grey filly foaled 5/23/11 ( Fox Cry Whinny the Pooh  x Severn Queen of Hearts (Arab/Welsh) by Severn West Wind LOM ). 
SEVERN MALACHITE, bay going grey colt foaled 5/24/11 (Severn Gambol LOM LOM AOH x Severn Baubles 'n Beads LOM by Severn West Wind LOM).  
SEVERN BELLRINGER, chestnut/turning grey colt foaled 5/23/2010 (Farnley Tiber x Severn Bluebell by Lianna's Dapper Dan). Photo: Kathryn Southard
SEVERN SALSA, bay colt foaled 5/16/10 (Severn White Tie 'n Tails x Severn Tap Dancer by Lianna's Dapper Dan)
SEVERN DAMASSIN, bay filly foaled 8/13/10 (Severn Merrymaker LOM x Severn Silk 'n Satin by Severn West Wind LOM).  
SEVERN WINDJAMMER chestnut colt foaled 4/13/09 (Severn Merrmaker LOM x Charmsley Simoon by Severn West Wind LOM)
SEVERN ATHENA grey filly foaled 4/18/09 (Severn Merrymaker LOM x Severn Olympia).  

SEVERN CONSORT, grey colt foaled 5/00/09 (Severn Donegal x Shallowcreek Jubilee by Severn Merrymaker LOM).  Photo: Deb Barrows
SEVERN PINS 'N NEEDLES, grey filly foaled 5/00/09 (Severn Donegal x Alliance Designer Bow LOM). 
SEVERN CORAL BELLE, chestnut roan filly foaled 6/13/09 (Severn Tiber x Severn Periwinkle by *Twyford Cadog).  
SEVERN STORM CLOUD, turning grey colt foaled 5/00/09 (Rainbow Magic Star Bright x Morwel Mariah by Severn West Wind LOM).  Photo: Deb Barrows
SEVERN CLOCHE, bay filly foaled 5/00/09 (Severn Merrymaker x Severn Easter Bonnet by Severn West Wind LOM).  Photo: Deb Barrows
SEVERN JASPER, bay colt foaled 7/03/09 (Severn Gambol LOM x3  x Severn Baubles 'n Beads LOM by Severn West Wind LOM).  
SEVERN FREYJA, bay filly foaled 8/29/09 (Severn Merrymaker (LOM) x Alliance Decorator Bow by *Synod Dicky Bow LOM)  
Severn Sea Sprite, filly, 4/12/2013
(Farnley Tiber x Severn Sea Breeze)
Severn Bay Rum, colt 4/22/13
(Severn Merrymaker LOM x Severn Ciara)
Severn Picasso, colt foaled 5/00/13
(Severn Merrymaker LOM x Severn Paloma)
.Severn Filigree,(Gypsy Rose's Pride x Severn Silk 'n Satin 

Severn Bandit (Farnley Tiber x SRW Spree's Silver Splendor
Severn Bellhop, (Farnley Tiber x Severn Bluebell
     Severn Minerva, (Farnley Tiber x Severn Athena
.Severn Fedora (Gypsy Rose's Pride x Severn Easter Bonnet
Severn Springamiracle, Farnley Tiber  x Morethanamiracle
Severn Just Bob,(Farnley Tiber x Cloud Nine Hana
 Severn Jeeves (Farnley Tiber
 x Cloud Nine Hana
Severn Penelope (Severn Bay Rum x Severn Olympia
Severn Glitter 'n Gleam x Alliance Designer bow
Severn Kiev (Gypsy Rose's Pride x Brightleaf Dresden
L: iSevern Giorgio   R: Severn Sweet
out of Severn Ciara     Charlotte out of
                     Shallowcreek                                             Jubilee

 Both by Gypsy Rose"s Pride                            
Severn Black Iris, foaled 4/7 (Severn Bay Rum x Severn Periwinkle
Severn Sea Chantey foaled 3/23,(Farnley Tiber x Severn Sea Breeze
Severn Beret foaled 4/10 (Severn Bay Rum x Severn Easter Bonnet).
Severn Windsor                      Severn Donatella
(Pride x Shallowcreek           (Bay Rum x Severn
Jubilee)                                          Paloma)