Severn Oaks Farm 
              FARNLEY TIBER  A39577
             Welsh Section A Stallion, foaled 1999
(Severn Snapdragon x Farnley Amazon by Farnley Chapka)

Purchased at the Farnley sale in July 2008, Tiber comes with a Severn connection. His sire, Severn Snapdragon, was Severn-bred and resided at Farnley for some years as a herd sire before moving on to another farm to sire hunter ponies.  Tiber has a lovely disposition and we have been very pleased with his foals . 

                  Tiber's parents and one set of grandparents:

Photo: October, 2008
     Sire: Severn Snapdragon foaled 1990
   (Stadacona Crickieth x Severn Pansi LOM by Severn West Wind LOM AOE)
Dam: Farnley Amazon, (Farnley Chapka x Farnley Meta by Farnley Merlin).
Photo: Early April, 2011
.                                   Gypsy Rose's Pride A34381
                                                                  Welsh Section A Stallion, foaled 1992
                                               (Pruitt's Golden Jewell x Lane's Gypsy Rose by Craig's Sunny)

This pony was interesting to me because he has 3 crosses in his pedigree to *Coed Coch Pansi through Bryntirion Rowan. Coed Coch Pansi was imported by Mrs. Iliff in 1948 and was her favorite mare. Rowan was foaled in Britain before Pansi was imported and he was imported into the Northwest of the US. Pride was put right to work when he arrived at Severn Oaks from Oregon in 2014 and has already sired several prize-winning foals including Severn Filigree pictured below left and Severn Kiev (below right). 
                                             Severn Bay Rum A50376
                      Welsh Section A Stallion foaled 2013
                    (Severn Merrymaker LOM x Severn Ciara by * Synod Dicky Bow LOM)
Still a very young guy, Rummy was shown as a yearling and also last year (2015). He was WPCSA 3rd place Jr. Colt last year (2015). He did very well and had two Supreme Championships.  Rummy was bred to two old mares in 2015 and both had lovely fillies in 2016. (See Young Ponies Page). As if 2020 Rummy has sired 7 foals, 5 of which have been shown and he already has four legs for his Sire LOM.

Rummy as yearling on left and 2 y.o on the right

Sire: Severn Merrymaker (LOM), (1993-2012)
(Twinkling Star of Penrhyn x Severn Playful by
Severn West Wind LOM AOE)
Dam: Severn Ciara, foaled 2007, (*Synod Dicky Bow LOM x Severn Powder Puff by *Rowfant Peanut)